Restoration of wooden furniture, is it worth it, what can be restored what cannot be restored, Refinish the old and making it new,

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    what happens    

Many things need to be considered before a restoration should be considered.


With the escalating costs today, wood is getting very expensive. However the big factor is time.

Remove the existing finish.

Repair or replace damage.

Sanding and more sanding. the above piece took over $30 in sandpaper. To find out it was an amazing job of hand made furniture using a  veneer overlay.

Total Disassembly and reassemble.

The refinish, with a solid color as this had many kinds of wood and damaged beyond the veneer.

modern furniture

Today most furniture is veneer covering MDF.

MDF is stable and helps eliminate warping and shrink that happens with solid wood.



Staining is usually a heavy pigment to cover the wood and spayed with lacquer. Sometimes the lacquer is coloured so it is a one step process. 


Furniture from some countries  use a lot of MDF to the point little wood is used, making it more of a throw away product.  I have one such table in my showroom, one tap on the corner and it is no longer useful.