Don't waste are hardwood it is getting expensive and rare, /let me recycle and use that special wood and put some life back into it.

T.Y. New and Used Furniture

5811 - Beresford St.

Burnaby   604-715-6020


Yes, it is a renewable resource, however we have managed to mess that up. Burning and clear cutting have created some devastating effects,. So help keep the wood out of the land fills.

My shop is almost entirely made  from recycled wood. 

Used MDF, Old Kitchen Cabinets, "Disposed furniture from a hotel, and even some IKEA furniture now make up my shelving.

what I keep

Almost everything!

 If the furniture is beyond repair or no resale value, I saw it up into pieces and store the wood for some future product.

I seldom make a trip to a lumber store for Wood, Furniture Hardware, Drawer Slides. these are usually found in one of my cabinets.

Stain and Sandpaper, well that is another story.

what I don't do

I do not get involved with construction material much. However I have and entire array of small pieces of 2x4s that I use for many things, I picked them up from a reno job. They were all the end cuts of new wood.



I do not get involved with Treated Wood, in any way shape or form.



I can help your recycle your furniture.


9 pallets of furniture and stuff, now stripped and salvaged in racks, with three small drawers of scrap

drawers full of oak waiting to be reused.