Custom build wooden products, special table, chairs, cutting boards wine racks and what you need.

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that special piece

Sometimes  nothing seems right or just does not fit into a space.

why  3D CADD

Have you heard of "Measure Twice Cut Once"

Well CADD drawings just continue that expression. With 3D the image can be rotated in all directions to confirm that it will all fit properly and list the required materials.

Also it allows you to get a more vivid picture of what is going to be created.

why custom build

It's yours

It's Unique

It fits

it matches your décor

It fills a special need.



cannot use it - convert it

Do you have a piece of Quality furniture that no longer has a use?

Then have it converted to something that does!

Checkout an new use for a Media Center   go to "PRODUCTS/MEDIA CENTER"